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Aaron Rogers just signed a $100m+ contract with the Green Bay Packers. Kawaii Leonard could receive $190m over 5 years from the Raptors! Mike Trout of baseballs' LA Angels will receive $32m in 2018. What's my point? I should have been a professional athlete! BUT I'm 5' 8 1/2" 140 lbs soaking wet. Too small for those and too big to be a jockey. I guess I didn't get the right genes. I did however (at least so far) get the right genes for good health and perhaps that's more valuable than all the money in the world. I sell life insurance so deal with health issues everyday. I'm also a bit of a health nut. (I'm gone so far as to have been a raw foodist for the last 2+ years). So this phrase I hea


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