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Executive Summary:
Most people think of permanent life insurance as money paid when someone dies. They know it’s a great solution for paying a tax liability at death, providing an estate for loved ones or leaving a gift to a charity.

But what about planning for retirement? Without careful planning, you may not have enough savings when you retire to maintain the standard of living that you’re enjoying now.

Permanent life insurance provides an opportunity to receive tax-free growth inside a tax-exempt insurance policy and the ability to access that growth tax-free.
The Details:
People typically think of RRSP’s and other registered plans when they think of retirement. Many rely on these registered plans as their main source of retirement income. The problem is that the amount you can contribute to these plans is limited.

This means the base amount might not be large enough to provide the retirement income you desire.

One solution is the Insured Retirement Program. It uses a permanent life insurance policy to provide you with the insurance protection you need plus a unique additional feature…access to tax-free cash during your retirement years.
Under current tax law, the cash value in a life insurance policy accumulates tax-free, up to certain limits. The insured retirement program lets you use that cash value at a point in the future.


Whether you want to supplement retirement income, purchase a vacation property or go on a trip, the insured retirement program lets you use your policy’s cash value as collateral for a bank loan.
This bank loan provides the cash you desire…and you receive it tax-free.

The loan doesn’t have to be repaid until the life insured dies. When the insured dies, the tax-free death benefit is used to repay the loan and the interest. Once the loan is repaid, any remaining death benefit is then paid to the policy’s beneficiary.


Executive Summary: We take a long-term, diversified approach to investing. We believe that a well-diversified investment portfolio held for the long-term will help our clients meet their goals.

We take into consideration time-horizon, risk tolerance, income, taxation issues, dreams and goals to help coordinate an investment strategy that will help you sleep at night. Our minimum asset requirement is $250,000 or annually maximizing your RRSP and TFSA deposits.
The Details:
The goal is to diversify a portfolio across two main management styles, value and growth.
A value manager will look for companies that are currently out of favour. If the manager feels these companies are trading at a discount to their true value he will purchase that company.

If the manager was correct and it truly was an excellent company, just under-valued at the time, the market will eventually realize the true value, the company’s share price will increase and the manager will profit.

A growth manager selects companies whose earning are growing faster than the rest of the market and hopes to capitalize on this growth through an appreciation in the share price.
We typically start a portfolio on the value side, which tends to be more conservative and then as assets grow ‘diversify’ to include some growth companies as well.
An additional level of diversification will include companies of varying sizes. For example small capitalization companies (small cap) offer greater potential growth but also greater volatility. These companies range in value anywhere below $1 billion.


Medium or mid capitalization companies are in the range of $1 billion to $5 billion. Large cap companies are those greater than $5 billion in market capitalization.
Once again investment choices are determined by many factors as listed above.

Depending on the client, appropriate options may include Guaranteed Investment Certificates, T-bills, mutual funds, stocks, tax-shelters, insured retirement programs, registered and non-registered investments and registered education savings plans, each offering varying degrees of risk and return.

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The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.
   -Chinese Proverb

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