What a few of my clients have to say,


Overall, James is wonderful to work with. He is knowledgeable, courteous, and responsive. I have recommended him to many of my friends already.

Jessica Ng, Richmond Hill

James is truly an independent advisor. He has no affiliation with any insurance or financial companies so his only bias is his experience.  If you are in need of insurance or financial advice, and want someone who is knowledgeable, patient, not at all pushy, but above all trustworthy, I suggest you give James a call." 

Enzo Sallese, M.A., LL.B. 

James has helped me establish a program of paying myself first through investment and has advised and guided me through the integral process of protecting my family through insurance.  As my needs grow and change throughout the years, I know that James will be there to help me make wise financial decisions.  Trust is a crucial factor for picking an advisor and James has proven himself to be more than trustworthy, professional and knowledgeable.  I am confident that he will meet your financial and insurance needs as well as he has met mine.

Steven Dykstra, LL.B.

James has been a valuable adviser to my wife and I for over four years. In that time, our financial future has grown brighter and brighter. James distinguishes himself by consistently offering options that are best suited to our ever-evolving careers and lifestyle.

Kevin Andrade 
In-House Counsel

James helped my husband and I get our life insurance in order when we were expecting our third child.   His expertise helped us to make the best choices for our family.   He even recommended a product that was less expensive than what we originally asked for, as it was a better fit for us.  I give him my highest recommendation.

Amelia Leckey, Lawyer, Miller Thomson LLP, Toronto

I've been through many financial advisors in the past 15 years, most of whom worked very hard to land me as a client and then all but disappeared once they did.  With James, the hard work started once I put my trust in him and he has not disappointed - he is constantly in touch and continually reviewing my portfolio and my present situation to ensure each matches the other.

Tom Zverina, Lawyer, Torys LLP

What I do is very simple...

Two things:

I protect families, spouses, children and businesses. We use life insurance to help pay off debts and replace lost income. I work with all the major insurance companies and offer the best rates available in the market for both term and permanent life insurance.

I also help people plan for retirement. I protect families by helping them save for retirement. I do this through an analysis of risk and need and may use mutual funds, segregated funds, GIC's, Term Deposits and even permanent life insurance.  I offer investment products from all the major mutual fund and insurance companies in Canada. Mutual funds offered as a representative of Equity Associates Inc., a mutual fund dealer.



James J Hargan, BA, EPC

James has over 25 years experience in the insurance and investment industries. James began his insurance career working in U.S. Securities Compliance with Manulife Financial’s U.S. Individual Life Division. From there, he moved to marketing and then onto a management role with one of Manulife's Canadian Division offices in Toronto. In 1999 he decided to strike out on his own and became a financial advisor focusing on the high-income market, providing tax-efficient wealth management and life insurance solutions.

James has a BA from York University holds a mutual fund licence and is a life insurance agent in Ontario. He recently completed the Canadian Securities Course and is working towards his Certified Financial Planner designation.  James is extremely happily married, has two sons and lives north of Toronto.

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