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Still Writing a Book...with Gratitude

My editor (brother’s girlfriend Jody) explained a little more what it takes to get this done. Apparently after writing for 30 days you review it all, pick out pertinent parts, a theme of some sort then start all over again. Seems like a lot of work. It will be an interesting test of how far I can go before discovering I don’t want to go any further. I’m a pretty fast typist thanks to grade 9 or 10 typing. A course I never wanted to take but was probably the most valuable in all of my high school AND university career! Sounds like what people say now, nothing wrong with a trade!

I just wonder how much I can possibly talk about. I did find recently as I was out and about looking for ideas, things to discuss, expand on, wax eloquently about. I wonder if this is what writers of all sorts go through every day. (Did I just call myself a writer?? To writers everywhere I apologize) I can’t imagine having to come up with a new article on a daily or even weekly basis. Ah, maybe this will become a blog. Yes, that’s what we need one more person writing about useless information. So how do we make it more interesting?

Back to my top ten list, or whatever I called it.

Work hard.

Play hard.

Be like a dog.

You can lead a horse to water.

Gratitude. This is huge. I just wonder about those that don’t believe in anything greater. Who do they thank? Giving thanks makes me feel better. Makes me feel more at ease. Makes me feel less guilty?? What does it really do? Do I know that’s just something you're supposed to do? Attitude of gratitude. Is it purely a mind game? Does it make me happy? Am I happy? I’m getting existential here and I don’t know what existential means. I had a teacher give me a bookmark in grade 6. It had a picture of a horse or donkey saying expand your vocabulary, eat a book. Maybe it was a goat. I’m a fairly good reader but not sure how good my overall vocabulary is. As for writing skills…

Well gratitude is on MY list. There are just certain times, often in nature, overlooking water, when all is good or just with family and you just have to say thank no one in general. Thanks. Even if it means nothing and no one is listening it still makes you feel good.

And feeling good is pretty important. I recall reading that you don’t want to be euphoric all the time or depressed but should target an even keel. Level. Satisfied perhaps. But as mentioned previously maybe it’s all just physical anyway. The temporary highs are just some excess sugar. The temporary lows are just coming down from excess sugar. I guess you can replace sugar with drugs, or alcohol or adrenaline rushes or whatever is your particular addiction.

I do crave adrenaline. Not a cliff diver or crazy bird man parachutist guy, the ones that literally fly with a strange bird suit on (this demonstrates my lack of vocabulary AND my lack of wanting to do any research into what they actually call those guys/girls/crazies). Actually I would love to try that but at 54, I have too much to risk! I can tone it down and keep water-skiing as my primary adrenaline rush, stress relief, ego boost.. Although I would definitely bungee jump again!


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