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Make America Great Again...The Trump Dynasty Begins

I'm not sure if you have heard but Donald Trump is moving into a new house. It's white.

He's taking his third wife, 46 year old Melania and 10 year old son, Barron. He is 70. Yes, Donald does things differently.

Yes, Donald, Melania and Barron in the White House.

Most opinions on this are the same so I won't go into that. So let me be controversial for a minute.

Would I get into trouble if I suggested Donald Trump is a genius?

Or at least a marketing genius? Or has a staffer that's a marketing genius?

18 months ago or whenever he announced he was running for the presidency of the 'United States of Murica' NO ONE thought he could win. Except maybe Donald.

Donald is competitive.

Donald is successful or at least rich.

Donald doesn't like to lose.

So either he or someone else said let's "Make Murica Great Again"

"How do we do that Donald or brilliant marketing staffer?"

We find all those that have been screwed by the system, screwed by wall street, screwed by politicians and we say, out loud, what they say in their homes and to their close friends and family. And we win them over.

And Donald wasn't afraid to say it.

We can all get angry that he won, and he's a racist and a jerk and disrespects not only women but everyone else under the sun.

BUT apparently about half of the voting population of the United States of Murica AGREES with him!! That's what we really have to get our heads around.

He was right, or at least his brilliant marketing person was right.

I didn't vote for Trudeau...would I trade him for Trump? I'll let you know in 4 years...

Just my opinion.

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