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"Life insurance costs what?"

Yes it's cheap!

But it's cheap because most likely most of us are not going to die...well someday we all go but most of us should live a long life.

But we all know it can happen AND it will be the most catastrophic event to those around you, emotionally and financially.

So since it's not expensive why not do it?

Here are some sample rates:

Male, 40, non-smoker, average health $1,000,000 of term-10 $55 monthly

Female, 40, non-smoker, average health $1,000,000 of term-10 $40 monthly

So yes an insurance company is willing to pay you $1,000,000 for only $40 - $55 monthly!

So why wouldn't you do it?

If you would like an exact quote send me an email with your age and smoking status to


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