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Expect A Correction!

So the markets have not settled yet. Here is a little insight from the various people in the industry that share their thoughts with me:

  • Lots of cash and growing on the sidelines, the inevitable correction, still expected but yet to appear, what will be the trigger? And how big will it be?

  • In November, Cdn $ falls again, down slightly 0.13%; Oil up another 5%; gold flat; Hong Kong leads the charge with a +32% increase YTD; Canada now up 5% YTD.

  • Canada, Europe and Asia remain more attractive than the US right now from a cost standpoint; but once again a setback is expected.

  • Familiar with these terms? Bitcoin, blockchain, Cloud Computing, AI, Self-driving vehicles...Tech is allowing existing, cozy industries to be disrupted by new players. Retailers like Wal-Mart used to control who got on the retail shelves. Now Amazon does, and there is room on the shelf for everyone. 10 years ago, if you produced the best consumer product in the world, but Wal-Mart wouldn’t stock it, your sales prospects may have been limited. Now you can sell on Amazon, and if the reviews are good, lots and lots of people will buy it. Wal-Mart may even face pressure to stock it, or else suffer from reduced sales in a given category because they haven’t got the products that consumers want on the shelves. Thanks NORREP FUNDS

  • Europe continues to look good, best in over 10 years. Good GDP at 2%+; unemployment falling; QE likely to end next year

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