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The other day someone asked me if their portfolio (investment plan RSP, TFSA, RESP, Life insurance) was maximized for purposes of reducing or keeping taxes low.

I smiled.

Next to my family and my health, I would have to say that my number one priority in life is to give the government as little as possible.

So if you're not sure you're minimizing the tax you pay please ask and we can discuss your options or any changes you think should be made.

This note from last month:

Finally, everyone has an opinion and right now the consensus is still calling for some form of correction to occur (but we've been waiting for this for some time now!). But the consensus is also calling for a continuation of this bull run for 2+ more years. Time will tell.

Well this past week it happened! Toronto was down 7% from it's peak, right in the middle of the expected range. As of time of writing it may not be over but I do believe it is time to put any cash back in to the markets as their appears to be more upside from here. Targets: International.

This commentary and chart from Manulife Investments:

While we acknowledge we are closer to the end of the bull cycle than the beginning, we do not see any of the typical signs of recession present. As most bear markets coincide with recessions (and we believe recessionary risks will remain low through 2018), we do not anticipate the current market volatility to result in a bear market.

Below is carried over from last month in case you missed it.


RRSP deadline for 2018: March 1, 2018

RRSP Limit is $26,010

TFSA deposit limit for 2018 $5500

Tax Filing date for personal taxes: April 30, 2018

TFSA TIP: If you are not sure what your contribution room is you can login in to the CRA site, register and find out exactly what room you have available.

Site here:

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BNN Clip - International Equities will Outperform U.S. Markets in 2018 - Philip Petursson, Manulife Investments- Click Here

AND from my Mutual Fund Dealer, Equity Associates: The information provided in this email does not necessarily reflect those opinions of Equity Associates Inc. as an EMD/Mutual Fund Dealer.

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