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Writing a day at a time

Day 2. The journey to enlightenment continues. Whose enlightenment is yet to be seen. I’m sitting at the ‘cafe’ table in our cottage gazing out at the lake. Beautiful day. But no one to share it with. I seem to like that strange combination of time alone and sociability. Prior to covid I used to think I was an introvert but having been locked in for the better part of a year and a half I quickly learned I’m a social animal. I do need to get home, be alone and regenerate but overall I like the social scene. And I differ from those that like to party. I think I just like the company of others. A good discussion. A sports activity of some sort. Burning off some energy, stress is a key factor as well. That is another very recent discovery. Use the stress/anxiety/worry and turn it into a workout. Channel the energy to positive.

Listening to a Radio Host on a station here in town. This is another category of greatness. He is one of those people that is not only brilliant, and well spoken, but also very cool. Yet they can be geeky in ways as to what topics they know about. I don’t hate those guys like I hate Tom Brady but it is a little annoying. My neighbour's son Andrew is like that. Instantly likable, successful, educated but can party with the best of them. But I do think this radio guy is awesome.

That comes back to the unfair aspect. Don’t get me wrong, I believe I’m the luckiest man alive and repeat that on a regular basis but I know my limitations. Some guys just seem to have all the genetic markers lined up. I do believe hard work is a big factor but it’s easier when you’ve got the skills. I read a book once that was basically about the 10,000 hour rule and if you put in your time you can be the best. That may be true but you must first have been given the discipline gene that would allow you to put in the 10,000 hours. OR the skill gene so that you can get by on 7500 hours. And those that have the discipline gene AND the skill gene, and the brains, they are your Tom Brady’s. There are great athletes that come across as idiots because they got the athlete gene but the brain gene, or wisdom gene, or common sense gene not so much.

I think I was given a lot of the genes but in the just average or slightly above average category. Not the stellar, knock it out of the park category. The writing gene, yet to be determined.

As I write this I’m wondering what topic I could make a fiction book out of. And of the books I read the authors appear to do a lot of homework, alot of investigation and a lot of research into their topic. I don’t have the research gene. I’m not sure I have the patience gene for that kind of intense research.

The History of James

The History of Hargans

The History of the Cottage

Or how about just The History with sections on each of those.

As you write do you think of the reader? Do you just relay your story? Do you think of what will sell? What’s the end purpose?

I was born May 6, 1967…

Our family is of Irish descent...

We first found the cottage in April 1974…

I’m going with no one really cares. Unless of course there is some secret of the family, some trauma, some tragic ending.

I was born of at least middle class parents, had a cottage all my life, went to school, got a job right away, started my own business and now I drive a Lexus. It was tough. But technically, since I wasn’t born in a third world country, never had to flee for my life, never had to start again from zero in a strange land, therefore I didn’t have the proper motivation. Those are the lucky ones. They start with nothing and have no choice but to work hard. I’m not sure others will see the humour in this or the truth.

Blame Jody. She started this. This will either end our relationship or strengthen it. 1462 words. 1464 words. 1466 words. I'm rambling at this point trying to fill my daily requirement. 1479 words with only 17 words left to go. 13. 12. 11. 10. 9. I’m almost at the end...see you tomorrow. Goal met!

P.S. Should my book topic be the theory of success? Based on my readings there are some really brilliant people out there. Clients. Authors. Business people. Various writers. Economist, New York Times. Bloomberg. Tom Brady. Anthony Russo.


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